MotiTrain in the learning laboratory of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

The project MotiTrain of the Chair of Sports Equipment and Materials has again conducted measurements in the learning lab of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences. The development of an interactive fitness coach respectively a digital training process companion supported by the latest technology and dedicated expert help from Dr. Fabian Stöcker as well as Raphael Krätschmer is further advanced by the biomechanical analyses.

The MotiTrain project, funded by the Central Innovation Program for SMEs, aims to develop an interactive fitness coach that is a digital training process companion. This aims to significantly increase the user's motivation and success in fitness training with the help of innovative approaches and novel technologies. A biomechanical motion analysis is therefore of central importance, not only to understand the movement, but to analyze it in detail. The bench press is a complex form of movement that requires not only strength but also technique. Technique that can be acquired in this context and ultimately contributes to injury prevention.

You can find more information about the learning lab under the following link Link.

You can find more information about MotiTrain under the following link Link