Completed Research Projects

aComA (BFS 2015-2017) - Automated code generation for modularized intralogistics systems  

AutoMES (BMBF 2013-2015) - Automatic generation of production management systems

BauFlott (AiF BVL 2014-2016) - Entwicklung eines Flottenmanagementsystems für Baumaschinen

EfiMA (BFS 2016-2019) - Efficient troubleshooting for safe, variant-rich machine and plant automation

IMPROVE (EU Horizon 2015-2018) - Innovative Modeling Approaches for Production Systems to Raise Validatable Efficiency  

iSiKon (DFG 2015-2018) - Increased flexibility for heterogeneously structured material flow systems enabled by intelligent software agents controlling self-configuring conveyors

OR.NET (BMBF 2012-2016) - Sichere dynamische Vernetzung in Operationssaal und Klinik

ProcAppCom (Bayer. StMWi, VDI/VDE 2017-2019) - Process Application Composer 

RAMP-UP Decision support for ramp-up and ramp-down management crisis contexts

SIDAP (BMWi, 2015-2018) - Skalierbares Integrationskonzept zur Datenaggregation, -analyse, -aufbereitung von großen Datenmengen in der Prozessindustrie  

SPP1593 (DFG  2013-2019) - Design For Future: Managed Software Evolution

  • DoMain - Cross-domain maintainability estimations of information systems and manufacturing automation systems
  • IMPROVE APS - Regression Verification in a User-Centered Software Development Process for Evolving Automated Production Systems
  • MoDEMMiCAS - Model-Driven Evolution Management for Microscopic Changes in Automation Systems

V&V Artemis (AiF DFAM 2016-2019) - Variability and Versioning during requirements based test case generation and selection for mechatronic systems