Current Research Projects

advacode (Bayer. StMWi, VDI/VDE 2020-2021) - Advanced systems engineering for control software as a prerequisite for flexible, adaptive cyberphysical production systems

AIValve (Bayer. StMWi, VDI/VDE 2020-2023) - Self-learning and self-optimising control of valves and systems of valves for hydraulic machines and aggregates

CausAlITI (DFG, 2021-2024) - Causal Alarm pattern analysis by the Integration of Technical Information from engineering documents

CHANGE aPS (DFG, 2023-2025) - Static Analysis to Support Change Management in Variant-rich Legacy Control Software for Machine and Plant Engineering Companies


Diagnose und Visualisierung - Research focus of reusable methods of diagnosis by analysis of aggregated data system for plant and machinery families

DSL4RAS (DFG) - System architecture and modular design of robot-like systems using multidimensional characteristic diagrams

InSeLDiP (BMEL 2020-2023) - Intensification of separation processes in the food industry through digital twins and intelligent process control

KI.Fabrik (VDI/VDE 2021-2025) - completely flexible and interconnected location for local, crisis-proof and profitable production of state-of-the-art IT and mechatronic high-tech components in Bavaria

KonMaFS (DFG 2021-2023) - Consistent Development of Automated Material Flow Systems using a model-based Approach

MEvoDiP (Bayer. StMWi, VDI/VDE 2021-2024) - Menschzentrierte Erstellung und Evolution Digitaler Zwillinge in der Prozesstechnik

MiProcess2Twin - Digital twin for optimizing construction processes through machine connection

OpAI4DNCS (BFS) - Machine operator-centric parameterization of Artificial Intelligence for tightly coupled, distributed, networked control systems. 

RAMP-UP Decision support for ramp-up and ramp-down management crisis contexts


Resi4MPM (DFG 2021-2024) - Enhancement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of Factories – Development of Resilient Agent-Based Automation Systems for Machine and Plant Manufacturing Industry

SIZA SPP2305 - Efficient condition monitoring of gears through in-situ integration of data acquisition and evaluation in the gear machine element

SPP 2422 - Data-driven evaluation and prediction of active surface condition and engagenment in sheet-bulk metal forming

TDebituM (DFG 2021-2023) Technical Debt Identification and Assessment in Mechatronic Systems Using Indicators, Patterns and Metrics

ToolFlott - BIM coupled construction machine tool requirements when using machine-based non-stationary processes to verify construction progress