Automatic configuration and generation of control codes and visualizations for production plants in process technology


Project description

The development of plant-oriented control software and visualization surfaces for  smaller process engineering systems, such as automated beweries, as well as their connection to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), currently require a very high effort.

The main objectives of the ProcAppCom project are therefore the reduction of the effort and the accompanying acceleration of the development and adaptation of control software and their interfaces to MES for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through a modular approach. In particular, this is intended to support the low-cost convertibility of plants and processes required for industry 4.0, especially for production plants in SMEs. The modular design of the control software also increases the interchangeability of plant components and thus enables SMEs to design and optimize their supplier chain more flexibly.

Industry partners

- 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH


- Johann Albrecht Brautechnik GmbH

- APE Engineering GmbH




VDI/ VDE Bayern