Modular Ergonomic Mockup (MEPS)

Developed and donated by the Daimler AG in 2013 the modular ergonomic mock up (short MEPS) is an automated multifunctional version of a seat mockup . Thus different vehicle geometries from sport-cars up to trucks, as well as tram wagon and new innovative concept of the interior (e.g. for highly automated driving) can be represented without big constructive input and in relatively short time. The flexibility is based on a modular construction of the mock up containing so called module wagons, which can be mobilized electrical, and a matching rail systems.

Operating mode of the modular mockup

The modularity of the ergonomic mockup is based on a structure of parallel rail elements. On those rails the module wagons can be placed variably. For the construction of the study concept components (e.g. seats, middle console, doors) can be assembled directly on the wagons.

Different module wagons exist for different assembly components (e.g., car body, steering wheel, seats, etc.). Those wagons can be moved electrically up to 4 degrees of freedom (3 translations and 1 rotation) according to the demand of the assembly. The wagons are controlled and moved by a Lab View-based program. The program can be run over an operating terminal as well as over a Tablet PC. A hydraulic lifting system allows to change the module wagons as needed.

Application area of MEPS’s at the Chair of Ergonomic

The research topics are focused mainly on the field of digital human modeling (performance, discomfort), driving simulation and perception of the interior concepts. Additionally, the modular ergonomic mockup will be integrated in teaching.

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Ingrid Bubb