Redundant Robots, Tether-driven Robots, Fusion Reactor, Field Robots, Control System


For the inspection and maintenance of the ASDEX Upgrade nuclear fusion experiment, a Tokamack fusion reactor, a robot is needed to work inside the reactor chamber under vacuum. The robot is underactuated and is controlled via a tether system using a remote actuation setup.

How can a robot successfully navigate the tight spaces of the reactor, while performing inspection and maintenance?


The goal of the project is deploy a highly redundant snake like robot that enters the vacuum chamber of the nuclear reactor and reaches a destination pose automatically.

Further, a user should be capable of controlling the robot end-effector in an intuitive way using an interface to inspect the internal wall.


Calibration is key to effective control of the robot. Following which multiple sensor inputs are taken to estimate the state of the robot that will be used to control the robots end-effector.


Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik

Project Term

March 2023 - Februar 2024