Conquering the Zugspitze: perfect conditions for the methods seminar

"Above all peaks there is peace" wrote Johann Wolfgang in 1780. This is not always true for the Zugspitze, as the participants of the method seminar sporttechnologies realized.

In a still gloomy and sleeping Munich, the 15 students and their supervisors set off on Wednesday. The cars were packed to the top, so everyone had to find their place among skis, helmets, boots, measuring equipment, food, backpacks and other necessary gear for a three-day excursion to Germany's highest peak. The day had not even dawned when the frozen Eibsee was already in sight. Gondolas dipping in a sea of mist promised the destination of the trip - the Schneefernerhaus research station just below the Zugspitze unseen, yet close. A goal that, in addition to a safe arrival, consisted primarily of 5 groups taking different measurements in the field of skiing and ski touring under real conditions.

They were not unprepared: in the previous weeks measurement equipment was built, prepared and tested. But it is not possible to reproduce real conditions in the laboratory, and what seemed easy in the laboratory suddenly becomes a big hurdle when wind, snow, and subzero temperatures come into play. The students experienced this right from the first day - very difficult conditions indeed prevailed. The first day was filled with darkness and strong winds. A storm followed on the second day. The third day brought the sun to the Zugspitze. Fortunately, all students were able to perform their measurements and started their journey homewards the following day, very tired but with beautiful memories.

We were very happy about the hands-on support and the feel-good ambience at the Schneefernerhaus. We would like to thank you again for the best support in this great research station!

A big thank you to all participants, supervisors, industry partners and the learning lab of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, which always provides us with measurement equipment for our measurements.


You'll find here the report from the Schneefernerhaus!