ISEA Paper of the Year Award for Bahador Keshvari

In a recently published study (LINK), which appeared in the journal "Sports Engineering", Bahador Keshvari, together with Long Lehoang and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Veit Senner, investigated the influence of different outsole configurations on rotation and translation using a mechanical prosthetic foot. This research paper, entitled "Investigating the effect of outsole configuration on rotational and translational traction using a mechanical prosthetic foot", received the Paper of the Year Award from the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA), published by Springer Verlag.

The award, which was presented in February 2024, recognizes the importance of the study in understanding the interactions between soccer boots and playing surfaces. By using an innovative approach, Keshvari was able to analyze in detail how different sole configurations influence the forces acting on the player during soccer-specific movements. These findings are particularly relevant for the development of soccer boots that can both optimize performance and minimize the risk of injury.

The recognition by the ISEA underlines the scientific relevance and practical importance of the research findings. Keshvari's work makes an important contribution to the further development of sports equipment and to safety in sport.