Sporttechnology workshop on the top of Germany!

During the course "Workshop Sporttechnology", 15 students and their supervisors were three days long on the Zugspitze...

15 students, 4 test persons and 5 different experiments. The Workshop Sporttechnology took once again place on the Zugspitze. This year's focus was Trailrunning. Some groups measured the differences between shoes with different cushioning, some observed the movement of the ankle when running on a stony ground and some performed a spirometry on a trailrunner running in the field.

Even if the weather was really challenging this year, the workshop was a real success and will stay in the memories of everyone. The students learned how to get around with problems related to making experiments outside in a difficult environment. We would like to thank all the students, supervisors of the professorship Sport equipment and sport materials for an amazing commitment from everyone. Finally we would like to warmly thank our wonderful hosts of the Schneefernerhaus for their great help and support.