We have a winner - Kati Nispel wins first prize at this year's FameLab Bavaria preliminary contest in Regensburg, Germany

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It's official - we have a winner! Our Kati was awarded first place at this year's FameLab Bavaria preliminary competition in Regensburg with her fascinating topic "I got your back"! With her extensive in-depth scientific knowledge and impressive entertainment value, Kati convinced the expert jury and won the coveted title.

As a mechanical engineering alumni of TUM and doctoral student of our department, Kati has shown that science and entertainment can go hand in hand. She proved that scientific facts can be shared with a pinch of humor and a good dose of charisma.

The jury, consisting of well-known personalities such as Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, Prof. Dr. Christoph Skornia, Prof. Dr. Ernst R. Tamm, Antje Thoms and Franz Stolz, had a difficult decision to make. But in the end Kati was able to convince with her clarity, her content and her charisma.

For all participants, participating in this event was a great success. Through FameLab they were able to present their research areas and generate attention for their projects. FameLab has been known worldwide since 2005 and offers young scientists a fantastic opportunity to launch their careers.

The event was supported by the city of Regensburg, BioPark Regensburg GmbH, Continental Automotive GmbH and Oberpfalz Marketing.

Kati has proven that she has what it takes to become a future player in science. We congratulate her on her success and look forward to more exciting contributions from her and other talents coming to FameLab in the future.

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