Geometry Measurement

Manufacturer Wenzel (Probe System from Renishaw)
Model LH 87 (Probe System SP25-2)
Brief Description:

The CNC gantry measuring device Wenzel LH 87 is operated with a switching and measuring probe system from Renishaw SP25-2. One ensures the highest measuring accuracy due to a pneumatic bearing of the gantry and the quill, drag-monitored servo drives, guides made of hard stone, and automatic temperature compensation. The probe system is moved through a sensitive joystick or in CNC mode.

Technical Description:
Measureing Range 800 mm x 1000 mm x 700 mm
Maximum Table Load 800 kg
Resolution 0.05 µm
Limit Value of the Length Measurement Deviation 1.5 + L/450 µm
Main Areas of Application:
  • Calibration of tools
  • Measurement of components

Manufacturer Mahr GmbH
Model MarSurf XC 20 MarWin
Brief Description:

The tactile surface measuring device from Mahr consists of the measuring station combination MarSurf XC 20 MarWin together with the linear contour feed unit PCV 200 and allows precise determination of component contours using the profile method. This measurement uses the aid of a needle attached to a probe arm. The needle is moved over the sample's surface to be measured, while the probe arm detects the deflection. Also, the surface roughness can be determined.

Technical Specifications:
Contour Measurement Accuracy 0.4 µm (larger depending on measuring length)
Roughness Parameters Ra, Rz, Rt
Main Areas of Application
  • Contours of all kinds
  • Cutting surfaces
  • Active element preparation and active element wear

Manufacturer GOM GmbH (a company of the ZEISS Group)
Brief Description:

The ATOS 3D digitizer at utg bases on the triangulation principle and has a stereo camera set-up. This stereo camera set-up and a projection unit are integrated into the compact and robust ATOS sensor head. The sensor projects different striped patterns onto the object surface, which are recorded by two cameras. These patterns form a phase shift based on the sinusoidal intensity distributions on the CCD chips. The ATOS 3D digitizer uses multiple phase shifts in a heterodyne process to achieve the highest accuracies in the subpixel range. An automatic calculation of the independent 3D coordinates for each camera pixel based on the optics' imaging equations follows. Depending on the camera resolution, a point cloud of up to four-million measurement points per measurement result. The calibration of the ATOS sensor's geometric configuration and the lens distortion parameters uses photogrammetric methods.

Technical Specifications:
Measuring Range 175 mm x 140 mm ... 2000 mm x 1600 mm
Measuring Point Distance 0.12 mm ... 1.4 mm
Measuring Distance 730 mm ... 2000 mm
Main Areas of Application:
  • Surface digitizing and target/actual comparison
  • Quality control
  • Reverse engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Digital mock-up

Manufacturer Keyence
Model VK-X100
Brief Description:

The VK-X100 series laser scanning microscope acquires surface data by laser scanning, enabling three-dimensional measurements. A 16-bit scanning of the reflected laser light enables highly accurate and reproducible images of the test specimens. A wide variety of shapes can thus be measured three-dimensionally and very precisely.

Technical Specifications:
Laser (Wavelength; Output Line) 658 nm; 0,95 mW
Resolution (Heigth; Width) 5 nm; 10 nm
Measuring Range (X; Y; Z) 100 mm; 100 mm; 7 mm
Maximum Magnification 19200 fold
Accuracy (Height Measurement; Width Measurement) 0,2 + L/100 µm; ± 2 %
Maximum Resolution of the Image 3072 x 2304 Pixel
Main Areas of Application:
  • Wear analysis: adhesive and abrasive wear
  • Measurement of cutting active elements
  • Roughness measurement
  • Cutting surface analyses