See here for project information: https://www.future-industry.org/ramp-up-ii/

Project Description

RAMP-UP II project contributes to addressing the limitations of state-of-the-art approaches for agile, resilient and sustainable manufacturing and service industries, in particular in uncertain situations such as crisis context. The focus of the maturation phase is on manufacturing and healthcare services. The main objective of RAMP-UP II is to develop a generic methodology supported by decision-support tools to plan and manage ramp-up and ramp-down projects considering resilience, agility, and sustainability criteria.


Objectives of the project

RAMP-UP II will contribute to the following objectives (O):

  • O1: Development of a ramp-up/ramp-down management approach allowing for resilient and agile value networks, particularly, in uncertain and dynamic environments.
  • O2: Integrate resilience, agility and sustainability related indicators for planning and managing ramp[1]up/ramp-down projects.
  • O3: Develop decision-support tools allowing to implement and assess alternative collaboration strategies and decentralized decision making in dynamic environments.
  • O4: Modelling and representation of knowledge about stakeholders involved in value network.

To address these objectives, a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary, combining expertise in industrial management (e.g., O1, O2), multi-agent systems and artificial intelligence (e.g., O3), enterprise modelling, knowledge representation, automation and data management (e.g., O4).