Human-Machine Interaction

Human-Machine Interaction, Data Integration and Processing to Support the Human


This field of research addresses the design and evaluation of Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI) for operators as well as engineering support systems.

The research field concerns supporting the operating personnel in training, commissioning, process monitoring, process optimizing, and diagnosis by means of appropriate visualization methods of process and message data during the operation phase of technical plants. The current trend in industry is to replace the classical 2D visualization systems in control rooms for process monitoring and operation by new visualization technologies such as 3D visualization as well as augmented reality and their visualization on mobile devices.

Today's challenges cover the extraction of beneficial information from the rising flood of process data to e.g. detect faults. This information is collected by data aggregation and data analysis from many different data sources. Fault characteristics are not only characteristics indicating a fault, but also symptoms that indicate causal impact of a fault within a system. Based on this analysis the system can provide recommendations to the operator on how he has to intervene in the process. 


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