Control Software Engineering

Analysis of industrial software systems, static code analysis, and refactoring


This research area addresses the need for strategies to transform the existing variant-rich constellations of loosely coupled software systems into future-proof structures. Reduced complexity, higher modularity and the use of design patterns can simultaneously lead to faster time-to-market and better maintainability.

The current research project RedSplat pursues a semi-automated detection and refactoring of code clones in functional control software to enable the transition from unstructured legacy code to software product lines. Additionally, the advacode project considers not only code clones but also other refactorization goals such as complexity, modularity and software architecture, in order to establish a sustainable and high reusability in legacy software.

In addition, the chair AIS has a great understanding of the challenges of the industrial practice, which is kept up to date through regular direct cooperations with various market leaders in European machine and plant manufacturing.


RedSplat - Automatic detection and refactoring of code clones in industrial control software

advacode - Improved reuse through analysis and management of complexity, modularity, and design patterns

CHANGE aPS (DFG, 2023-2025) - Static Analysis to Support Change Management in Variant-rich Legacy Control Software for Machine and Plant Engineering Companies