Methods of Product Development

Duration3 SWS
TermWintersemester 2023/24
Language of instructionEnglish


You understand the key steps which are necessary for the development of products. You are able to apply different procedural models, basic design principles and efficient and effective methods for the development of products. You are able to plan, design, analyze, evaluate and improve products. You know the main requirements, boundary conditions and influencing factors which can appear during product development. You are able to transfer the learned knowledge (procedural models, methods etc.) on to other problems.


The main goal of the lecture is to teach working and problem solving methods for the successful development of products. Starting with different procedure models (e.g. V-Model, Munich Procedure Model) the focus of the lecture lies on task clarification, solution identification (intuitive and systematic) as well as the evaluation of alternatives and the selection of solutions. In addition, modern approaches to technical product development are introduced, such as Agile Development and Solution Space Engineering.

Teaching and learning methods

This semester, the course will be held asynchronously digitally via the teaching platform moodle due to corona regulations. The lecture videos will also be uploaded there. The lecture's content will be transmitted by presentations and exercises. The presentations explain different methods and illustrate them by examples from industrial practice. The exercises serve to apply the methods on other examples. The results of the exercises are discussed between lecturers and audience. For this purpose, interactive methods and tools are used (e.g. online feedback). The use of examples from different areas support the transfer of knowledge on different product development tasks. Lecture and Exercises will take place on the same date. There is no separation between Lecture and Exercises.

Recommended literature

Pahl, G.; Beitz, W. Engineering design - a systematic approach. London: Springer (2013) (3rd ed.); Cross, N. Engineering design methods, Chichester: Wiley (2008). Ulrich, K., Eppinger, S. Product Design and Development, New York: McGrawHill (2016); Lindemann, U.: Methodische Entwicklung technischer Produkte. Berlin: Springer 2007 (2nd ed.).