Tim C. Lueth

Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering (1989) Technical University of Darmstadt
Dr. rer.nat. Robotics (1993)  University of Karlsruhe (TU)
Priv.-Doz. (Dr.-Ing. habil) Computer Science (1997) University of Karlsruhe (TU)
Professor (1997) - Charité Berlin (2001) Fraunhofer IPK (2005) TU Munich
Dean of Mechanical Engineering (2013-2016), Vice-Dean (2012, 2017)


Phone: +49 89 289 15190 (Assistance: Renate Heuser)



Director of MIMED



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  • - Robotics and Distributed Control (since 1989)
  • - Robots and Navigation System for Surgical Interventions (since 1997)
  • - Additive Manufacturing and Automated Design of Mechanisms and Robots (since 2005)
  • - Physical Assistance for an Aging Society and Elderly Care (since 2005)


Mathematical Software-Tools: Numeric, Symbolic, Graphical Solutions; Matlab, Symbolics, Stateflow, Simulink, Simscape Multibody

Mechatronic Device Development: Electronics, Circuit Design, Motors/Drives, Digital Control, Digital Signal Processing, Discrete Event Systems, Mikrocontroller, Optics, Precision Mechanics,  System Documentation, IP Protection

Automation Technology in Medicine: Imaging, Image processing, Coordinate Measuring Devices, Spatial Transformation, Image and Model Registration, Surgical Instrument Design, Navigation Systems, Robot Systems, Accuracy, Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs.