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Research Topics

Surgical Navigation and Robotics, Rapid Design and Manufacturing of Mechanisms and Robot Systems, Methods and Technology for Additive Manufacturing

SG-Lib Matlab-Toolbox "Automated Design of Solid Geometries (CAD), Shape Optimization and Multi-Body-Simulation for Additive Manufacturing"

The SG-Lib moved in April 2019 to www.sg-lib.org and is available at Git-Hub and Matlab Central.

This toolbox is a surface based solid modeler that exports data as STL file with a vertex resolution of 0.05 mm (50um) which is the limit for particles in SLS. The toolbox is core development of the automatic design of mechanisms and robots.

Beside Franz Irlinger who introduce me into the beauty of mechanism instead of robots, I'd like to thank Marcus Rompf and Henning Schober, both involved into the design of accordion mechanics. 

The toolbox is free for non-commercial education and research without any guarantee. DOWNLOAD AND DOUBLE CLICK: The path for the following Matlab-toolbox have to be the first! in the search path of Matlab! 

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 4.4 (2019-01-29) for 2018a/Update 6 on PC and Mac and Tutorials 01-44

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 4.3 (2018-11-08) for 2018a/Update 6 on PC and Mac and Tutorials 01-44

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 4.2 (2018-09-17) for 2018a/Update 5 on PC and Mac and Intro and print: Tutorials 01-44

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 4.1 (2017-10-18) for 2017a on PC and Mac)

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 4.0 (2017-08-09) for 2017a on PC and Mac) and print: Tutorials 01-38 

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.9 (2017-07-02) for 2017a on PC and Mac)

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.8 (2017-05-24 for 2017a on PC and Mac) and print: Tutorials 01-33

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.7 (2017-03-29 for 2016b on PC and Mac) and print: Tutorials 01-33(+17)

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.6 (2017-03-22 for 2016b on PC and Mac) and print: Tutorials 01-33

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.5.1 (2017-03-06 for 2016b on PC and Mac) and print: Tutorials 01-33

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.4 (2017-02-27 for 2016b on PC and Mac) and print: Tutorials 01-31

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.3 (2017-01-25 for 2016b on PC and Mac) and print: Tutorials 01-28

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.2.1 (2017-01-03 for 2016b on PC and Mac) and print: Tutorials 01-25

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.1 (2016-12-19 for 2016b on PC and Mac) and print: Tutorials 01-22

Download: SG-Lib/VLFL-Lib 3.0 (Dec.2016 for 2016b on PC and Mac) 

Download Tutorials (1-16,20-21 236 Pages (2016-Dec-14)

Selected Publications: Lueth and Irlinger (2013), Traeger et al (2015), Lueth (2015), Lueth and Irlinger (2017).

Please use google translate for the papers published in german.

Tips from MathWorks (Christoph Stockhammer/Aachen): In 2016b it is possible to change Simulink and SimScape diagrams programmatically by functions such as: add_line, add_block, etc. Nevertheless, in documents created by the publisher mode, there is no update of those diagrams. Therefore, create a small function smDrawNow that prints the diagram (brood or gcs) into a png/jpg file and open the file for display in a new figure. In publisher mode, it will now be display in the publish files.

Book recommendations (Tim Lueth and Yilun Sun):

Kevin Russell, Qiong Shen, Raj S. Sodhi (2013): Mechanism Design - Visual and Programmable Approaches, CRC Press

Hoffmann, Christoph M (1989): Geometric & Solid Modeling, Morgan Kaufmann.

Lothar Harzheim (2014): Strukturoptimierung - Grundlagen und Anwendungen , Europa Lehrmittel.

Robot Kinematics recommendations (Tim Lueth):

Brandstoetter, M., Angerer, A., Hofbauer, M. (2018): An Analytical Solution of the Inverse Kinematics Problem of Industrial Serial Manipulators with an Ortho-parallel Basis and a Spherical Wrist. Austrian Robotics Workshop 2014, Linz, Austria, May, 2014. Reprinted in Proceedings of the Austrian Robotics Workshop 2014, At Linz, pp. 7-11.


BMBF Ausschreibungen Förderdatenbank, (Zukunft der Pflege 28.10.2016) (Smart-Health, 30.10.2016), (BayMed 2016-18)

DFG Aktuelle und Abgeschlossene Projekte (GEPRIS), DFG Ausschreibungen

Präsentation TUM - Produktionstechnik für die Medizintechnik (2016-10)


VDI/VDE (Medizintechnologie), VDMA (Arbeitskreis-Medizintechnik), BVMed (Bundesverband)

Medical Devices and Procedures

FDA Devices and Clearance, FDA Device Search, FDA Database

DIMDI, Robert-Koch-InstitutIQWiG, ZLG, AKIA, BEUTH, CFDA

Sterilization Technology, AufbereitungZLG 305-0209.E15, EK-Med (ZLG)

Hebi Robotics and IO Modules

Hebi Robotics, CAD-Data, Hardware-Documentation, API-Documentation

3D printed lenses, optics and cameras

Amos Dudley's 3D printed camera

Augensichere Lasertechnik

Laser Components GmbH - Flexpoint Machine Vision Laser 

Lasersicherheit (Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (BAuA))

Leitfaden Laserstrahlung (Stand 2011)

Firmen: Leuze

List of important videos of Tim Lueth and his research groups:

Navigated Augmented Video Endoscopy

Video 2016: Navigated Augmented Video Endoscopy with 45 degree Hopkins Endoscope (0:33 Min)

The rights of this video belong to ERGOSURG GmbH, Ismaning

Snake-Like Tele-Manipulator (Robot) for Minimally Invasive Surgery and NOTES

Video 2015: Multi-Arm Snake-Like Tele-Manipulator (Robot) for MIC and NOTES (3:02 Min)

3D-Printing a 6DoF robot by lightweight structures (JACO Robot in SLS)

Video 2013: JACO Robot printed in 3D by Selected Laser Sintering (0.50 Min)

The rights of this video belong to ERGOSURG GmbH, Ismaning

Waypoint Guidance in Surgical Navigation (ENT)

Video 2012: Defining Waypoints for Visualization in the 2D Slices during Surgical Navigation (1:00 Min)

The rights of this video belong to ERGOSURG GmbH, Ismaning

Surgical Navigation System for Dental Implants (RoboDent III)

Video 2008: Surgical Navigation System for Dental Implants (RoboDent III NPU)

Navigated Control in Cranio Maxillofacial Surgery

Attention: The video is a real surgical video and shows bone structures and blood.

Video 2005: Removing a bone tumor by an automatic power switching drill/burr (0.20 Min)

Automatic Detection of Human Hand Gestures and Controlling the DLR Hand

This was the Ph.D. research of Dr.-Ing. Yuichiro Honda, today working at the Kobe Rehabilitation Laboratory, Hyogo, Japan.

Video 2004: Classification of human hand gestures based on skin deformation measurement (2:50 Minutes)

Video 2007: Controlling the movements of the DLR hand by skin deformation measurement (0:11 Minutes)

Robotized Isocentric C-Arm as Cone-Beam CT "Robo-C"

The isocentric C-Arm became an important orthopedic product as "Instrumentarium/Ziehm Vario-3D" 

Video 2003: Worldwide 1st cone-beam CT using a 135 deg c-arm with a dynamic isocenter (2:40 Minutes)

Surgical Navigation System for Dental Implantology "RoboDent"

RoboDent started as research project of Olaf Schermeier. At this time the Israeli company DenX offered a dental training system and Michael Truppe's company ARTMA was also developing a navigation system for maxillofacial surgery. Nevertheless, RoboDent was the highlight of the IDS 2001 in Cologne.

Video 2001: RoboDent worldwide 1st commercial successful dental navigation system (4:30 Minutes)

Redundant 7DoF Surgical Hands-on Manipulator "Otto 2"

OTTO-2 was based on a Mitsubishi PA10, a 7DoF redundant manipulator. The robot holds the drill and is (push/pull) by the surgen within a limited work space. The Video is featuring Andreas Hein, today full professor in Oldenburg, Germany.

Video 2001: Worldwide 1st redundant hands-on surgical robot at a spine phantom (0:45 Minutes)

Ceiling Mounted Delta-3 Surgical Robot "Otto von Decke"

OTTO von Decke based on a SurgiScope Delta-3 kinematics with 6DoF. It was the first clinical used "hands-on" robot. The video shows the clinical case of the first patient.  

Video 2000: Worldwide 1st surgical operation using an approved surgical robot at the skull (3:30 Minutes)

Surgeons and Engineers: "Surgical Robotics Lab" at Charité Berlin

The Surgical Robotics Lab was started by Juergen Bier (Chief Surgeon Maxillofacial Surgery) and Tim Lueth (Engineer/Computer Scientist) with support by Guenter Hommel.

Video 1997: Introduction of the Surgical Robotics Lab at Charité (6:50 Minutes)

Behaviour Based Cooperative Robot Systems "KACORS"

Even with almost no computational power and a primitive robot system, it was possible to create an assembly robot by connecting simple skills.

Video 1995: KACORS - Khepera based micro robot for assembly tasks (6 Minutes).

Autonomous Assembly Robot "KAMRO"

The robot KAMRO is located today at the Deutsche Museum in Munich. Nevertheless from 1992-1996, the robot was the highlight of the SFB 314 (Artificial Intelligence) in Karlsruhe, Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken.

Even 20 years later, the video and the capabilities are astonishing.

Video 1994: Autonomous Assembly Robot KAMRO (5 Minutes - accelerated 5 times)

Video 1993: Autonomous Assembly Robot KAMRO (5 Minutes - accelerated 5 times)