Industrie 4.0 and Robots - Roboter Integrated Agent Network (RIAN)


The Institute of Automation and Information Systems presented a decentralized live-production of a customized bottle opener at the fair trade Automatica 2014. In the context of “Industrie 4.0”, the production line consisted of automated production plants of different companies. Hence, the demonstrator connected plants with a heterogeneous control and hardware architecture. Additionally, the operating system, e.g. Windows, Fanuc-OS, Linux, had to be considered.

At the fair trade, the customers could configure and order a bottle opener via smart devices, e.g. mobile phones or tablets. Furthermore, a tracking feature enabled the location and production progress of the order.

The Robot Integrated Agent Network (RIAN) of the Institute of Automation and Information Systems enables the connection of heterogeneous plants at control level and the usage of this competence for enabling the interconnection for a cooperating production line. Additionally, the order management as well as the optimization of production processes could be demonstrated at the fair trade Automatica 2014. According to the “Industrie 4.0” development, the information of the plants is transmitted via internet while the physical connection is performed via mobile transportation robots.

In the context of „Industrie 4.0“ synergies and core competences of different companies could be combined for enabling a one piece production of a customized bottle opener.


Industrie 4.0 LIVE auf der AUTOMATICA 2014

Overview of RIAN production locations at the fair trade Automatica 2014