Project description

Depending on the industrial sector, an automated Production Systems (aPS, i.e., machines and plants) are subject to strict regulations, which affect changes made to an aPS during or after commissioning and start-up. In sectors affected by legal regulations, e.g., the medical field, changes must be documented in standardized change tracking workflows to prevent undesired side effects. Certain change types or scopes even require a complex recertification process. Instead of going through test executions again, regression verification with appropriate specifications would support shortening and partially automating the revalidation processes and provide documentation to ensure the software's behavior is as intended.

To improve reusability and to formally verify the behavior of PLC software, targeted procedures for static code analysis have already been developed in previous projects (RED SPLAT and IMPROVE APS). In CHANGE aPS, the industrial application of the results of these research projects will be analyzed within the development workflow of the application partner teamtechnik, partly considering the boundary conditions of certified software. Teamtechnik is a worldwide market-leading plant and special machine manufacturer with a mature development workflow. By merging existing results and integrating them into the workflow at teamtechnik, the aim is to restructure the software for a higher degree of reuse, change tracking and a reduction in recertification effort.


The research project by the German Research Foundation (DFG).