sabeS – autonomously moving systems

Project type: Funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation)

Field of research: Human-Robot Interaction, Mobile Robotics, Proxemics

Contact: Annika Boos und Olivia Herzog

Project period: 11/2021 - 11/2024


Abstract: Autonomously moving systems (sabeS) are no longer exclusively found in industrial contexts, but also play an increasingly important role in everyday situations. In this context, not only explicit interactions between humans and mobile robots are increasing, but also random encounters. The object of this project is to explore plannable motion sequences that a sabeS should exhibit in order to efficiently and satisfactorily resolve spatial conflict situations with human actors. Such conflict situations are a common problem, considering for example the use of autonomous delivery robots in public spaces. Based on findings from the research field of proxemics, this research project aims to identify interaction spaces surrounding humans, in which a sabeS should show either long-term (Long-Term) or short-term (Short-Term) evasive maneuvers and achieve a safe, efficient and satisfying interaction with humans.