Human-centered creation and evolution of digital twins in process industry

Projekt Description

Digital twins and new interaction technologies such as mixed reality offer the potential in industrial applications to provide goal-oriented support to human experts and thus optimize processes. In process technology, both concepts are still in their infancy. Reasons are the need for the evolutionary capability of digital twins, special requirements using devices in the field, and the heterogeneous database. MEvoDiP addresses this research gap and analyzes the use of AR/VR in interaction with digital twins to enable a new human-centered evolution in the field. For this purpose, existing technologies are investigated and enhanced.

Furthermore, an information model for mapping relevant data will be developed. A platform combines the approaches and connects digital twins and experts in the field. The developed approaches will be evaluated at an early stage based on practical application scenarios.


Dr. Dorothea Pantförder (TUM AIS)

Linda Rudolph, M.Sc. (TUM FAR)


Funded by Bayrischen Staatsministeriums für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung und Energie, supported by VDI/VDE/IT within the research and development program „Informationstechnik- und Kommunikationstechnik“ by the Freistaat Bayern