Technical Debt Identification and Assessment in Mechatronic Systems Using Indicators, Patterns and Metrics

Project Description

DFG Project - 04/21 - 03/23

Technical decisions that yield short-term benefits but prove harmful and costly in the long run are often made because their scope, impact, and corrective measures are not appreciated or are underestimated. This phenomenon is referred to in software systems as Technical Debt (TD).

TD in mechatronics, which describes the mechatronic systems and their development, has been little researched. Therefore, the requested research project focuses on identifying TD in mechatronics and its evaluation for criticality and consequences. TDebituM extends TD research findings on software systems to include TD characteristics in mechatronics, engineering, and the life cycle's additional phases. Mechatronic products and production systems as technical systems consisting of mechanical, electrical/electronic, and software components are investigated. The interdependencies of different disciplines and shortened and asynchronous innovation cycles of integrated products and production systems create unforeseen TD that is difficult to control. Cross-disciplinary, cross-organizational, and cross-industry characteristics must be analyzed, correlated, and understood with TD-specific characteristics. Using TD indicators, patterns and metrics, TD shall be identified and mastered semi-automatically.


Current research results


Funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).