Bevel and Hypoid Gears

Bevel gears are used for power and torque transmission between non-parallel axes. The main application field of bevel gears is the automotive industry. But bevel gears are also used in large numbers in train and ship propulsion, as well as in industrial gearboxes.

The FZG hypoid gear test rig was developed for life tests on bevel and hypoid gears. Like the FZG back-to-back gear test rig, this rig operates on the principle of the mechanical power circuit. The test bevel or hypoid gearbox is loaded by a second, larger dimensioned hypoid gearbox and a cylindrical gear stage. The test rig is used for the examination of tooth root and tooth flank load-carrying capacity, as well as for hypoid gear oil tests. Following the FZG scuffing test for cylindrical gears, test methods for scuffing and wear behaviour have been developed.