Multidisc Clutches

Oil-lubricated multidisc clutches and brakes are used for example in automatic transmissions for gear shifting and for frictionally engaged power transmission. Multidisc clutches are characterised by a high power density in a compact design. They can be actuated under load and difference in rotational speed, because the torque is transmitted by friction. Functional and service life behaviour depend to a large extent on the load and the friction system.

The mechanical and thermal load of the clutch which occurs during the shift operations are not constant in practical application, but vary due to different shifting conditions.


The friction, wear, drag loss and service life behaviour of oil-lubricated multidisc clutches are examined with the FZG multidisc clutch test rigs. Accordingly, an evaluation of the influences of friction material, groove pattern, volume of oil flow, lubricant and load on friction, wear and drag loss behaviour is possible.