PUMA - Designing the Future of Wearables

Project Title PUMA
Akronym n/a
Status completed
Project Start 01/06/2018
End of the Project 30/04/2019
Sports diverse
Field of Research Physiology, Psychology
Overall Research Goal Performance, Pleasure
Project Leader Stefanie Passler, M.Sc.; Philipp Kopp
Funding industry, commerce
Cooperation Partners PUMA SE
Contact  Stefanie Passler, M.Sc.; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Veit Senner; Philipp Kopp
Project Team Prof. Dr.-Ing. Senner, Stefanie Passler, Philipp Kopp, Christian Harig (PUMA), Jack Goodloe-Hassmann (PUMA)
Publications n/a

The long-term goal of the project is to develop significant design variables for future wearables. On the basis of the results, Puma SE should be able to set specific development priorities in the field of wearables. The medium-term goal is the critical analysis and development of improvement potentials with regard to the PUMATRAC Application. The following work packages form the core of this project:

WP 1 User Experience and Usability Study of the PUMATRAC-App

WP 2 KANO analysis of product characteristics of wearables and expert interviews, taking into account the
          findings obtained