Project Title

MotiTrain: interactive, digital fitness coach with intelligent movement correction and individualized feedback

Akronym MotiTRAIN
Status running
Project Start 15/06/2020
End of the Project 31/10/2022
Sports strength training, ChiGong
Field of Research Psychology, Physiology
Overall Research Goal Safety, Prevention, Optimization
Project Leader Kevin LippmannMelanie Baldinger; Patrick Carqueville
Funding public financed
Cooperation Partners ars navigandi GmbH, STV Electronic GmbH
Contact Kevin Lippmann​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, Melanie Baldinger; Patrick CarquevilleProf. Dr.-Ing. Veit Senner
Project Team see above
Publications n/a

The aim of the MotiTRAIN project is to develop an interactive fitness coach and a digital training process that can significantly increase the user's motivation and success in fitness training through innovative approaches and novel technologies. By means of an optimal training and adapted rewards, this should be controlled in such a way that a long lasting customer loyalty for the fitness studio is created. This should be achieved through an innovative combination of gamification approaches, extensive and precise data acquisition, intelligent evaluation and a combination of individualized visual and haptic feedback. Novel approaches will be developed, through which deviations from the ideal training movement can be detected with the movement evaluation and corrected by the dynamic feedback system of users in a targeted manner. Thus injuries can be avoided and the efficiency of the training can be increased.

The planned system consisting of sensors, wearable and software should be able to be used for all strength exercises with and without equipment and should above all serve to expand conventional strength training in the gym. The project will initially focus on the most complex movement group of free dumbbell training, as this is the group with the greatest variance in the movements performed. Thus, if the development is successful, an easy transferability to other exercise groups is given. On the other hand, free barbell training is associated with a particularly high risk of injury if performed incorrectly, and movement monitoring is therefore particularly important.

From the user's point of view, the new developments provide a system that accompanies the user during training from the very beginning as a virtual personal trainer. The user always has his personal training process companion with him on his smartphone or tablet via a browser and receives reminders of his next training session, suggestions for the next exercises and a complete overview of his current training progress