PUMA - Designing the Future of Wearables - User Experience, Usability and Excitement - A Follow-up-Analysis

Project Title PUMA
Akronym n/a
Status running
Project Start 01/07/2019
End of the Project 30/06/2020
Sports diverse
Field of Research Physiology, Psychology
Overall Research Goal Performance, Pleasure
Project Leader Stefanie Passler, M.Sc.; Philipp Kopp
Financing industry, commerce
Cooperation Partners PUMA SE
Contact  Stefanie Passler, M.Sc.; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Sportl. (Univ.) Veit Senner; Philipp Kopp
Project Team Prof. Dr.-Ing. Senner, Stefanie Passler, Philipp Kopp, Christian Harig (PUMA), Jack Goodloe-Hassmann (PUMA)
Publications n/a

Long-term goal of the project is the development of significant design variables (e.g. motivational variables) of fitness applications (here: Puma "TRAC" Application) as well as the evaluation and perception of purchase decision processes. Based on the results, Puma SE should be able to set specific development focuses. The medium-term goal is the critical analysis and development of improvement potentials regarding the Puma "TRAC" Application.