Research Projects

 The foundry industry in Germany has undergone a structural shift, and only foundries that can offer technologically sophisticated products of high quality will survive the tough international competition with the locational disadvantage of comparatively high energy prices.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop casting technology solutions that use the design freedom of casting to create products with an increased value.

Our concrete research goals in this context for the next few years are:

  • the combination of hard and soft alloys in a single continuous casting process,
  • material characterization and qualification with non-destructive residual stress analysis,
  • environmentally friendly sand-binder systems for core packages or core-intensive permanent mold casting
Research Projects:
Project Title Person in Charge Sponsors Info


Additive Manufacturing, Core Shooting, Multi-Scale Simulation, Environmental Sustainability

Deviation Compensation in Selective Laser Beam Melting - IDAM Dr.-Ing. Christoph Hartmann BMBF PDF
Core Shooter with Inorganic Molding Material System Dr.-Ing. Philipp Lechner Loramendi PDF
Development of a material model for gas generation in inorganic foundry sands Simon Kammerloher, M.Sc.
Benedikt Kirchebner, M.Sc.
Design of Multilayer Sand Cores for High-Pressure Die Casting Erwin Reberger, M.Sc. DFG PDF


Residual Stresses, Fibre Bragg Gratings, Microstructure Analysis, Neutron Diffractometry, Phase Transformation Kinetics

All4ADI: Extending the Range of Applications of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) Christoph Weidner, M.Sc. BMWK PDF
Casting Technology Approaches to Increase the Efficiency of Electric Motors Georg Fuchs, M.Sc.
Constantin Bauer, M.Sc.
Development of a physical geometry analysis for process-oriented topology optimization Maximilian Erber, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Sensor development for the measurement of operating and residual stresses Constantin Bauer, M.Sc. ZIM PDF


Ballistic 3D-Printing, Interface Analysis and Modeling, Process Chain Reduction

Multi-Material-Injector-Casting MMIC

Georg Fuchs, M.Sc. Maximilian Erber, M.Sc.


Additive processing of copper materials in the Material Jetting process

Maximilian Plötz, M.Sc. AIF PDF
Flat rolling of continuously cast Al/Cu composite strips with geometrically designed interfaces  Julika Hoyer, M.Sc. DFG PDF
"Incremental Casting": Support Material and Close-Loop Control of Layer Height for Direct Metal Printing with Aluminum - Project Continuation Benedikt Kirchebner, M.Sc. DFG PDF


"Incremental Casting": Support Material and Close-Loop Control of Layer Height for Direct Metal Printing with Aluminum Benedikt Kirchebner, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Analysis of Bonding Mechanisms in the Composite Casting of Iron-Based and Copper-Based Materials Simon Kammerloher, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Continuous Compound Casting of Cu-Al Semi-Finished Products Thomas Greß, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Compound Casting and Forming of Aluminum Materials Tim Mittler, M.Sc., Thomas Greß, M.Sc. DFG PDF
In-Situ Strain Measurement during Solidification of Aluminum Alloys using Fiber Optic Sensors Florian Heilmeier, M.Sc. DFG PDF
µ-Core II Dr.Ing. Philipp Lechner DFG PDF
Energy- and Material-Efficient Production of Copper Composite Semi-Finished Products using Composite Casting Tim Mittler, M.Sc.
Thomas Greß, M.Sc.
Application of Ausferritic Cast Iron (ADI) for Dynamically Stressed Hydraulic Components Martin Landesberger, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Incremental Casting - the Generative, Droplet-Based Production of Aluminum Alloy Components Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Himmel DFG PDF
µ-Core Philipp Lechner, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Production-Compatible Design of Gating Systems in High-Pressure Casting Florian Heilmeier, M.Sc. Bayerische Forschungsstiftung PDF
Opti Alloy Dipl.-Ing. Georg Baumgartner Bayerische Forschungsstiftung PDF
Casting and Characterization of Cu-Al Layered Composites Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Pintore DFG PDF
Thermal Management in High-Pressure Casting - Design of High-Pressure Casting Tools Dipl.-Ing. Sven Jansen INI.TUM / AUDI AG PDF
Continuous Composite Casting of Aluminum Materials

Tim Mittler, M.Sc. Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Pintore
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Wimmer

In-Situ Measurement of Deformation-Induced Martensite Formation in Ausferritic Cast Iron (ADI) Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Saal DFG PDF
Residual Stress Analysis using Neutron Diffraction Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Reihle DFG PDF
Core Shooter with Inorganic Molding Material System Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Himmel Loramendi PDF
3D Printing with Inorganic Sand Binder Systems Dipl.-Ing. Robert Ramakrishnan DBU PDF