Cutting and Blanking

Research Projects

On the forming side, stamping technology is a pillar of competence that has been significantly shaped in the history of the chair by Prof. Hartmut Hoffmann and Dr. Roland Golle.

With modern stamping presses and many creative experimental setups, the focus is on creating a deeper understanding of press, die and cutting result as well as die wear.

Current research projects deal with:

  • prediction and quantification of the risk of edge cracking during the forming of shear cut plates,
  • strategies and measures for increasing the tool life of cutting tools,
  • increasing the efficiency of electrical machines by optimizing the processing of electrical sheets,
  • improvement of the fatigue strength of shear-cut edges,
  • accurate measurement of process-relevant variables (degree of deformation, temperature, etc.) in the cutting zone
Research Projects:
Project Title Person in Charge Sponsor Infos


Influence of the cutting strategy on the hydrogen-embrittlement tendency Anna Bauer, M.Sc. FOSTA/AiF PDF
Thermomechanical interaction in the shear cutting affected zone Christoph Hartman, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Targeted Use of Residual Stress in Electrical Sheets to Increase Energy Efficiency Ines Gilch, M.Sc. DFG Link
Characterization and Utilization of Process-Induced Residual Stresses in the Manufacture of Functional Surfaces by Near-Net-Shape Blanking Processes

Anian Nürnberger, M.Sc.

DFG Link
Evaluation on the influence of batch fluctuations on the spring back behaviour of spring steel by a process integrated inline measuring system Lucas Böhm, M.Sc. VDFI/AiF PDF
Reduction of adhesion during forming and shearing cutting by external influene of thermoelectric currents Bastian Stiegeler, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Data-driven process modeling in stamping and bending technology Lukas Martinitz, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Use of intrinsic voltage-based flux barriers to increase the power density of rotating electrical machines Phillip Stöcks, M.Sc. DFG PDF



Development and Implementation of a Control Loop for Connections in Progressive Technology Florian Steinlehner, M.Sc. BMBF PDF
Dynamic Measuerement of High-Speed Presses Lukas Martinitz, M.Sc. BFS PDF
Diamond-coated carbide active elements for the production of highly efficient electric motors Agnes Schrepfer, M.Sc. BFS PDF
Seebeck-Coefficient-Adaption using Laser Metal Deposition Kevin Prüfer, M.Sc. FAT PDF


Avoidance of Raised Punch Slugs by Influencing the Slug Friction Markus Welm, M.Sc. EFB/AiF  
Reduction of Adhesive Wear due to Thermocurrent-Suppressing Mold Coating Agnes Schrepfer, M.Sc. EFB PDF
In-Situ Temperature Measurement during Shear Cutting Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Peter Demmel DFG PDF
Dry Shear Cutting of Coated Sheets Ferdinand Neumayer, M.Sc. FOSTA, AiF, EFB PDF, Link
Burr-Free Cut Surfaces during Shear Cutting Dipl.-Ing. Peter Sachnik EFB, AiF PDF
Enforcement of High-Strength and Ultra-High-Strength Steels - Geometry and Feasibility Prediction Jens Stahl, M.Sc. FOSTA PDF, Link
Flake Reduction - Reduction of Flake Formation when Trimming Aluminum Sheets Dipl.-Ing. Michael Krinninger EFB PDF
Enforcement - Process Optimization for the Use of Higher-Strength Materials Dipl.-Ing. Martin Feistle FOSTA, AiF PDF, Link
Optimization of Punch Connections in Cutting Tools Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Josef Mair EFB, AiF PDF, Link
Increasing Tool Life by Adapting the Head Clearance of Punches to the Breakthrough Force Ferdinand Neumayer, M.Sc. EFB, IGF, AiF PDF
Cause and Prediction of Rising Punching Slugs

Dipl.-Ing. Isabella Pätzold, Jens Stahl, M.Sc., Alexander Kindsmüller, M.Sc.

Punching of Hybrid Components with a Minimal Degree of Damage Florian Steinlehner, M.Sc. EFB  
Wear Curves of Cutting Punches due to Targeted Fatigue Tobias Hammer, M.Sc. EFB, IGF PDF
Lubricant-Free Forming by Influencing Thermoelectric Currents Philipp Tröber, M.Eng. DFG  
Processing of Electrical Sheet Thin Strip into Electromagnetic Components Lucas Böhm, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Thermomechanical Interaction in the Shear Zone of Influence Christoph Hartmann, M.Sc. DFG  
Influence of Edge Processing of Aluminum Sheets on the Residual Forming Capacity as well as the Strength Properties under Quasi-Static and Oscillating Stresses Alexander Kindsmüller, M.Sc. FAT, AiF  
Prediction of Residual Forming Capacity on Preformed Shear-Cut Component Edges in Open and Closed Sections Alexander Kindsmüller, M.Sc. FOSTA/AF  
Reduction of Edge Cracking Sensitivity through Recutting Dipl.-Ing. Isabella Pätzold EFB PDF