Research Projects

 A vital pillar for us in forming technology is the material and process qualification. In the competition among materials for efficient, lightweight construction, new concepts for high-strength steels or light metals (e.g., aluminum or magnesium) are continuously emerging. This research focus requires a combination of basic research and practical transfer projects.

Project Title Person in Charge Sponsors Info


Methodology for the Design of Freeform Bending Tools for Square Profiles Matthias Werner, M.Sc. MAN PDF
Property-Controlled Process Design of Freeform Bending taking into Account the Semi-Finished Product Properties Daniel Maier, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Process-Accompanying Deviation Compensation Lorenzo Scandola, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Assessment of manufacturability in Freeform Bending Lorenzo Scandola, M.Sc. Hörmann
Equal Channel Angular Pressing Maximilian Gruber, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Equal Channel Angular Pressing of Magnesium Materials Viktor Böhm, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Fiber Beads: Development of a Numerical Method for finding the Shape of Fiber-Reinforced Bead Patterns Michael Ott, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Tryout-Manager for sheet metal forming Lorenz Maier, M.Sc. EFB PDF
Design and development of the manufacturing technology of a hydrogen gas pressure vessel for cryogenic applications

Edgar Marker, M.Sc.

Thomas Spörer, M.Sc.

Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur PDF

UHPC sheet metal forming - sheet metal forming with active elements made of high-performance concrete

Katja Holzer, M.Sc. ZIM PDF


Validation of material models for sheet metals using the MUC-Test Matthias Eder, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Mapping of Non-Linear Strain Paths using a Passive Beading Tool Roman Norz, M.Sc. DFG PDF



Mapping of Non-Linear Strain Paths using a Passive Beading Tool Roman Norz, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Investigation of the deformation capacity of ductile sheet metal materials under non-proportional loading with consideration of the anisotropic damage behaviour Roman Norz, M.Sc. DFG - 455960756 PDF
Micromaterial Characterization by in-situ Diffraction Experiments Simon Vitzthum, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Experimental Yield Point Determination Matthias Eder, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Process optimization through in-line monitoring of the forming process Michael Ott, M.Sc. POSCO  
Scaling of Rotary Clinching Processes under Consideration of Process Robustness Simon Vitzthum, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Massive Lightweight Construction Tim Benkert, Dipl.-Ing. AiF PDF
Anisotropic Generalized Forming Limit Concept (3D-GFLC) Christian Gaber, M.Sc. DFG PDF
Bead Optimization for Stiffening Cambered Sheet Geometries Wan-gi Cha, M.Sc. DFG PDF
ADI- Austempered Ductile Iron Wear Behavior in Tools Dipl.-Ing. David Jocham EFB, AiF PDF
Impact Prevention for Structural Components Dipl.-Ing. Annika Weinschenk EFB, AiF PDF
Digital Twin - Risk Management in the Press Plant Network Dipl.-Math. Daniel Opritescu DFG PDF
Collapse Prevention for Sheet Metal Components Dipl.-Ing. Annika Weinschenk DFG PDF
Influence of Forming Speed on Springback and Stretched Length of Bent Components - OptiBend Dipl.-Ing. Michael Krinninger Bayerische Forschungsstiftung PDF
Production-Oriented Product Development in Forming Technology Dipl.-Ing. Sven Schreyer Bayerische Forschungsstiftung PDF
Mechanical High-Speed Press with Coupling Latching Gearbox Tim Benkert, Dipl.-Ing. AiF PDF
Minimization of Temperature-Induced Zinc Abrasion in Forming Tools Dipl.-Ing. Peter Sachnik EFB, AiF PDF
Rotational Clinching - Property Optimization of Rotationally Joined Clinch Points Dipl.-Ing. Maria Hiller DFG PDF
Lubricant-Free Forming by Influencing Thermoelectric Currents Philipp Tröber, M.Eng. DFG PDF

Improvement of the Temporal Evaluation Methods of Experiments for the Determination
of the Forming Limit Change and Derivation of a Virtual Substitute Model

Dipl.-Ing. David Jocham EFB PDF