BFS-Projekt: Kinematik und RP

Project title

BFS AZ-1181-15 "Zeit- und kosteneffiziente Entwurfsprozesse für Gelenkstrukturen durch Integration von softwaregestütztem Kinematik-Design und Rapid Prototyping"


Development of methods and tools for the support of the design of kinematic linkages


M.Sc. Simon Laudahn (wiss. Mitarbeiter)


Kinematic linkages are used to solve movement tasks in a multitude of engineering applications

Research topic

Development of synthesis and analysis tools for kinematic linkages to be integrated into CAD-software
Research and formulation of design rules for the rapid prototyping of scaled mechanism models that take deformation into account

State of the art

Graphical and algebraic computational methods
Mechanism models for illustration of concepts and motion characteristics

Drawbacks of the State of the Art

Computational design methods for mechanisms are often stand-alone and detached from CAD, where the product design takes place
Deformation of mechanism models is neglected


Integration of state of the art methods of kinematic design as well as those being subject of research into CAD-software
Investigation of the similitude of original mechanisms and model mechanisms manufactured with conventional and rapid prototyping techniques

Current Results

CAD-integration of a building-block synthesis approach, that allows build-up of more complex mechanisms out of less complex units
Scaling laws with respect to deformation for structural mechanism parts, taking external loads, weight and material properties into account