Endoscopic minimanipulator

Project title

Development of a double-arm endoscopic minimanipulator for minimally invasive surgery


Design, fabrication and validation of the double-arm endoscopic minimanipulator system


M.Sc. Suat Cömert (wiss. Mitarbeiter)


Treatment of non-muscle invasive urinary bladder tumors
Treatment of frontal sinus mucoceles

Research topic

Methods for flexure hinge based production of snake-like manipulators from nitinol using wire electrical discharge machining

State of the art

Transurethral resection of bladder tumors using rigid instruments (resectoscope)
Draf-III drainage using rigid instruments

Drawbacks of the State of the Art

Reachability limitations due to the lack of maneouvrability
Insufficient handling of the pathological structures


Increased dexterity and reachability provided by the double-arm manipulation and triangulation

Current Results

Achievement of the basic representative surgical tasks such as pick-and-place and circular path marking