Project title

DFG LU604/75-2 Mikromanipulatoren in der HNO-Chirurgie


Further development of a Micro-Manipulator and addition of a robotic arm


M.Sc. Samuel Detzel (wiss. Mitarbeiter)


ENT surgery, especially stapedotomy

Research topic

Combining the Micro-Manipulator with a Macro-Manipulator
Development of new of handling interface concepts

State of the art

Manual manipulation of surgical instruments (forceps, scissors), often in combination with a microscope

Drawbacks of the State of the Art

Poor visibility of the operating field
Surgeon forced into non-ergonomic posture, leading to fatigue


Micro-Manipulator using standard instruments placed on macro-manipulator for extension of workspace and functionality

Current Results

Control of internal CAN Bus of JACO robot arm

Alternative User Interfaces for controlling the JACO arm

Capacitive proximity sensors in 3D printed robotic arms