Virtual Process Design (Focus: Metal Forming and Casting)

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Lorenzo Scandola [L]
  • Wolfram Volk
Duration3 SWS
TermWintersemester 2023/24
Language of instructionGerman
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Admission information

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Note: Bachelor´s degree


After attending the course, students get an overview of important simulation tools and virtual methods used in the industry in the fields of metal forming, cutting and casting. They develop an understanding of characterization methods and are able to select the most suitable ones for depending on the application. Furthermore, they are able to assess the suitability of virtual simulation tools and methods with respect to industrial applications as well as to plan the design of a forming process.


The aim of the course "Virtual Process Design (Focus: Metal Forming and Casting)" is to present the most important concepts of virtual methods and simulation in the design of industrial manufacturing processes, with particular regard to the fields of metal forming and casting. In the first part of the lecture, the fundamentals, motivation and history of simulation are reviewed in detail. In particular, the basics of the finite element method (FEM) are addressed along with the definition of the constitutive law and the failure behaviour of metals. In addition, an overview of material characterization methods for metal forming, cutting and casting is presented. The second part of the lecture deals with the application of the presented virtual methods to typical industrial problems. The workflow of the forming, cutting and casting simulation are presented and different industrial standard tools are shown. The course is completed by some exercise sessions and guest lectures from simulation experts from the industry.


- Knowledge of mechanics and properties of materials - Comprehension of mechanical correlations and processes - Comprehension of mathematical fundamentals optional: - Knowledge of forming technology (practical course "Umformende Fertigungsverfahren" or lecture "Umformende Fertigungsverfahren") and casting technology - Lecture "Grundlagen der Umformtechnik und des Gießereiwesens"

Teaching and learning methods

lecture/reading, presentation, tablet-pc with beamer The lecture will be held in digital form


The examination consists of comprehension, general knowledge and transfer questions. Therefore it is necessary to comprehend and apply the learning matter. To archive a good test result, the material needs to be applied also to unknown tasks.

Recommended literature

Zienkiewicz, O.C.: The Finite Element Method Hattel, J.: Fundamentals of Numerical Modelling of Casting Processes Kalpakjian, S.: Manufacturing Engineering & Technology Doege, E.: Handbuch der Umformtechnik Lange, K.: Umformtechnik Bergmann, W.: Werkstofftechnik 1 Gross, D.: Bruchmechanik


Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an den Ansprechpartner der Lehrveranstaltung Herrn Lorenzo Scandola.