Project Title  Functional Textils Measure Movement and Muscle Activation during Skiing
Status  running
Project Start  04/10/2016
End of the Project  27/01/2017
Sports  ski and snowboard, all type of sports
Field of Research  Biomechanics, Materials Science, Physiology
Overall Research Field  Safety, Performance
Project Leader  Aljoscha Hermann
Funding  others
Cooperation Partners  School of Textiles & Design at the University Reutlingen
Contact  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Meier
Project Team  

short description

The Professorship, together with the School of Textiles & Design at the University Reutlingen, started a joint development project for new technical textiles. In the context of an interdisciplinary student project mechanical engineers work together with textile engineers and designers. The developed textiles combine electronic engineering, measurement technologies and clothing technologies. The goal is to make movement and muscle activity measurable with just the clothing.