ZIM - SuPerHybridTurf

Project Title SuPerHybridTurf
Akronym n/a
Status running
Project Start 01/11/2019
End of the Project  
Field of Research Biomechanics, Material Science
Overall Research Goals Performance, Pleasure
Project Leader  
Funding public financed
Cooperation Partners  
Contact Bahador Keshvari, M.Sc.Valentin Wohlgut, M.Sc.Prof. Dr.-Ing. Veit Senner
Project Team see above
Publications n/a

SuPer (Sustainable Polymer) Hybrid Turf Development of a compostable hybrid sports turf with an ideal biomechanical load profile to minimize the risk of non-contact injury in professional turf sports. In addition, development of an artificial pressure profile model to test the interaction between standardized movements and the resulting force distribution on the ground.