Project Title Comparing trail running shoes with respect to the traction
Acronym Sky-Running
Status finished
Project Start 07/01/2016
End of the Project 20/04/2016
Sports running & trail running
Field of Research Biomechanics, Psychology, Materials Science
Overall Research Goal Safety, Pleasure, Performance
Project Leader Robert Pilz
Cooperation Partner Prof. Veit Senner
Contact Bahador Keshvari
Project Team Kilian Rauner
Publications n.a.

short description

Trail running is a sport takes place on hiking trails and often in mountain terrain. The reports show a growing interest since 2012 (1).As shoes are the only equipment of the athletes interacts to the ground; they can influence levels of performance and injuries. The research study evaluates interaction between shoe and surface in two parts, Subjective and Objective measurement.

In the subjective measurement, five factors traction, stability, weight, comfort and cushioning are compared among 11 armature Trail-runners in different surface conditions. In the objective tests, rotational traction are compared among three running shoes.


detailed description

Traction can influence performance and injury risk in different sports fields (Football, Tennis, Golf and etc.). In trail running, climate conditions cause various surfaces. To find optimum level of traction between shoes and surfaces, TraktionTester is used in objective measurement. Although traction is regularly important factor for athletic performance, but high level of traction increases risk of injuries such as foot fixation, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and lower extremity injuries.