ZIM - FitFeet

Project Title FitFeet
Status running
Project Start 01.04.2022
End of the Project 31.12.2024
Sports general physical fitness
Field of Research Biomechanics, Material Science
Overall Research Goals Pleasure
Project Leader Christian Fritzsche
Funding Public
Cooperation Partners Axmann GmbH, Franz Seidl GmbH
Contact Christian Fritzsche, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Veit Senner
Project Team see above
Publications n/a


Goal of this ZIM-Project is to develop an orthopedic insole with a spiky surface which increases the blood flow and stimulates the feet muscles. Due to the increased blood flow the feeling of cold feet can be reduced. Furthermore with strenghtening the feet muscles a healthy arch of the foot can be regained which can help reducing foot pain. Additionaly the design of the insole considers a better airflow and sweat transfer between feet and shoe. Its purpse is to reduce foot odour and the development of microorganisms that can spread infections.

One major work package is to develop a material combination that is able to deliver the necessary performance (eg. stiffness high enough for the spikes) and being suitalbe for plastic injection molding. The other major work package is to create a digital model of the insole interacting with the walking person. This coupled finite element / multi-body simulation is the key element of this project. With its help an optimal distribution of varying spike shapes across the insole surface should be found. This kind of coupled finite element /multi-body simulation is also applied in other ZIM projects from SpGM, eg. SuPerHybridTurf and project iBack.