Dr. phil. Philipp M. Kopp, Dipl.-Kfm. Techn. Univ. | Master of Laws - LL.M. Univ.

Title of the Dissertation:

Motivation, Volition, and Gym Attendance - A Longitudinal Prospective Study 


This dissertation is comprised of two quartile 1 (Q1) journal publications. Given that participants in exercise programs tend to discontinue their programs during the first six months, the goals of the present work were: 1) to capture the predictive validity and role of motivational variables in the evolution of exercise participation (publication 1), and 2) to analyse the bidirectional association between volitional competencies and exercise participation (publication 2). Both articles resulted from a 30-week longitudinal prospective study (N=229) conducted under real-life conditions in a large network of German gyms (N=16) aimed to understand the psychological factors that may affect, or be affected by, the routine of long-term exercise engagement. Therefore, this funded research contributes meaningful knowledge about predicting objective behavior.  

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