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Our Motivation

It is important to conserve the products and results of our research for future generations. But a mere conservation of results in terms of publications is not enough: Third parties would be able to understand the results but would be forced to re-implement already developed methods and algorithms. This limits the widespread adoption of research products and often leads to oblivion of results and even re-invention of solutions for already solved problems. Publishing research products such as algorithms, tools or datasets in a convenient and easily accessible way allows future generations of researchers to start subsequent projects directly on the work of previous researchers.


We implement a wide range of algorithms, methods and tools in Matlab libraries. There are functions for interactive as well as automated construction of 3D objects for use with rapid prototyping technologies. These methods can be used for example to programmatically generate patient individual products or instruments dependent on patient data. Interface drivers allow users to control medical, scientific or robotic equipment such as 3D-tracking cameras, optical distance sensors or robotic arms.

Selected Publications

  • Schlichter C. :"Automatisierter Entwurf und lasercutterbasierte Herstellung von Kleidungsstücken mit Matlab", Bachelorarbeit

Completed Projects

  • Automatisierter Entwurf und lasercutterbasierte Herstellung von Kleidungsstücken mit Matlab

Contact Persons

Christian Dietz, M.Sc.

Alexandra Mercader, M.Sc.